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AVLOCK FAMILY Convert your app to time limited trial in a very easy way. Take full control of your application through RegKeys. Adaptable to any language. Include utilities by generation and manipulation of RegKeys. Free edition for non commercial use.

AVLockGoldAVLOCK GOLD v5.3.3 For Delphi 4, 5, 6, 7, 2005, 2006. VCL, .NET, ActiveX. This new version greatly simplifies the creation of applications trials. A new utility, AVLockManager has been added centralizing all tasks implicated in the process, so it becomes a really professional suite for protecting your application in an easy and simple way.

The security aspect has been highly improved:

· Rijndael encryption for RegKeys and all data saved in the registry and sensitive files.
· The "encryptionkey" string has been added, used to generate the encryption key (128 bytes length) used with the Rijndael algorithm. In the previous version 4.x the AppID number (dword) was used to generate this key.
· With the new strong encrypted avconfig.ini file, all risky configuration data has been taked out from the exe file, avoiding so possible hacking meddlings.

Modules management improved:

· In the registration form has been added the "Modules" section, so the user can see anytime the status of the modules; the registered ones and which are available to register.
· Modules now have a "Module name" field asociated, more suitable than only a number as in previous versions.
· Modules now have a "Moule ID" field asociated. Then, you may to change this value for a new improved version in order to disable the module and force so the user to pay again for this module.
· Related to the previous point as been added the "RestartModulesAsTrial" property; if True the modules with the "ModuleID" changed initiates a trial period otherwise it becomes disabled.
· The "TrialIncludeModules" property has been added to determine what to does with modules while the trial status. If True all modules are enabled while the trial period otherwise these are disabled.

AVMANAGER v1.0 with IB/Firebird database: Includes an embedded server Firebird v1.5.3, thisAVManager will not touch in any way your current IB/Firebird installation.

This utility will allow you to centralize all administrative tasks, namely:
· Manage and configure the component into your application.
· Run the application to evaluate the result of your settings.
· Unregister the application in order to try again with another configuration.
· Manage all users for each application.
· Generate Keys and ship it to your users.

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Limited Delphi edition(*) (v5.3.3). . .$ 39.95  Buy Now

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AVManager (v1.0) . . . . $39.95  Register Now

(*) The limited edition doesn´t support extra modules. 

Upgrade links:

Upgrade (Std.Edit) from v4.x to 5.x $24.00 Upgrade Now
Upgrade (Dev.Edit) from v4.x to 5.x $34.95 Upgrade Now

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NEW in v5.3

The InstallCode has been extended to 13 characters length in order to hold information about the machine numbers CPU ID, BIOS SN and HD SN, so when the user ask for an new registration key affirming that your machine was damaged, then you are able to determine if the new installCode received from the user come from the same computer or not and which part of the machine was changed.

In the user form in the AVLockManager utility has been added a new feature "InstallCode report", so when you receive a new InstallCode you can see a comparative report displaying old and new values for the CPU ID, BIOS SN and HD SN.

Several events have been added in order to improve the user-component communication and enhance the component customization, especially when you define your own registration form. These events are the following: OnStartError, BeforeRegisterKey, AfterRegisterKey, AfterRegisterAll, OnRegularRegistration, OnRequestName, OnMoveReg and AfterRegMoved. See in the Demo3 program how to use them.

In the registration form, the "Another way" registration option was changed to the "Print order form" feature, so you may give to your users the option to print a registration form in order to be posted to you.

NEW in v5.2

"MoveReg" feature:

In the version 5.2 a new "MoveReg" feature has been added in order to translate all registration data to another machine, safely, without any posibility that anyone misuse this feature in order to increase the number of registered machines.

NEW in v5.1

Language translation improved:

In the version 5.1 has been added the "LoadLangList" method adding so a new quite ease way to change all textual messages into the component. Please see the "How to translate AVLock Gold to any language" topic.

AVLockGold v4AVLock GOLD v4.3.3 ( Delphi 4,5,6,7). Make your own registration interface. Rijndael encryption. Manage up to 254 extra modules. Manage the number of users logged on your app. Use generic Keys to register all users for a given version with an only RegKey. Several ways to sell your programs. Customized friendly messages for special status.

Free edition.  Download Now

Standard edition . . . . . . . .  $ 59.95  Buy Now

Developer edition (all sources). . $119.95  Buy Now

AVLock Pro v3.1AVLock PRO v3.1 ( Delphi 4,5,6,7) Make trials with only one line of code. Manage up to 8 modules. Now with a more suitable and customizable interface. Easiest registration way through the order code.

Free edition.  Download Now

Standard edition . . . . . . . .  $ 39.95  Buy Now

Developer edition (all sources). . $79.95  Buy Now

AVLock Pro v2.4.1AVLock PRO v2.4.1 ( Delphi 4,5,6,7) Make trials with only one line of code. Manage up to 8 modules.

Free edition.  Download Now

Standard edition . . . . . . . .  $ 29.95  Buy Now

Developer edition (all sources). . $59.90  Buy Now

AVLock NET v1.1 ( Delphi 4,5,6,7) AVLock NET is a component for Delphi programmers that simplifies the creation of applications trials to run into a Network environment, This allow you to control users registrations in a centralized way based in the IP code of each workstation.  

Free edition.  Download Now

Standard edition . . . . . . . .  $ 44.95  Buy Now

Developer edition (all sources). . $89.95  Buy Now

AVLockX v3.1AVLockX v3.1 ( ActiveX ) This is the ActiveX version of AVLockPro. For VB6 and any other developer environment that support ActiveX controls.

Free edition.  Download Now

Standard edition . . . . . . . .  $ 25  Buy Now

AVLock Lite v2.0AVLock Lite v2.0 ( Delphi 3,4,5,6,7) The more simply way to make trials. Elemental component with all you need to manage trial registrations. Now with customized messages for special status: congratulations while trial evaluation period, warning for shortly expiration and period expired.

Free edition.  Download Now

Standard edition . . . . . . . .  $ 29.95  Buy Now

Developer edition (all sources). . $59.95  Buy Now



 AVDatePicker v2.1 for Delphi 3,4,5,6. Component for date edition, full customizable and adaptable to any language. This allow to edit dates or pick them from a drop down calendar. Allow enter dates in modes masked and not. The dates can be entered in free format using separators '/', '-' or '.' and displayed in the mm/dd/yyyy, dd/mm/yyyy and dd/yyyy formats . The years autocompletion feature complete the year when this is entered with less than 4 digits. The Skin property allow place a background image, giving a stylish fashion to the drop down calendar, as well this have properties for change the button glyph, the font of labels, the color of calendar and transparent property of background bitmap (skin).  Exe demo included .

Free edition.  Download Now

Standard edition . . . . . . . .  $ 10  Buy Now

Developer edition (all sources). . $20


 AVLabel Pack v2.1 for Delphi 4,5,6. Package of 10 full featured components all descendants of TCustomLabel, with borders and gradient surfaces

 AVLabel: Multiline label. AVDBLabel: Data aware version of AVLabel.  AVDateLabel: Label for date and time showing. AVCheckLabel: Label with checkbox. AVLedLabel: Label with Led.  AVBtnLabel: Label with button. AVColorPicker: Label with Color Picker. AVGaugeLabel: Label with Gauge Bar. AVSpinLabel: Label with Spin control.  AVSpinLabel: Label with Spin Edit.

Free edition.  Download Now

Standard edition . . . . . . . .  $ 19  Buy Now

Developer edition (all sources). . $38 


AVCalcEdit v1.0 for Delphi 4,5,6,7. AVCalcEdit is the combination of an editor of fixed point numbers and a calculator. Freeware for not commercial applications. Exe demo included.

Free edition.  Download Now

Full pack with sources . . . . .  $ 25  Buy Now

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